Business Disputes

Disputes between businesses are, at their heart, disagreements between people.  While a corporate battle may pit two corporations against each other, the battle is begun, waged and concluded, by individuals that make decisions for the company.  And, the outcome of these battles impact the people employed by the company, and the people that own the company.

At Wites & Kapetan, we never lose sight of the impact corporate litigation has on people.  Whether a dispute between companies, or between an individual and a company, we treat the client as if it were an individual.  Our lawyers have successfully litigated, through trial and appeals, business disputes that have positively changed the lives of the individuals involved.

We also offer a cost effective alternative to large corporations that may have multi-million dollar claims, but do not have the budget or appetite to pay hefty hourly legal fees to fight the battle.  We enter contingency fee and blended agreements with large corporations when it makes economic sense for the client and our law firm.  

In smaller disputes, we charge hourly rates, and provide the same quality of representation of large national law firms without charging the fees typically of such firms.