Financial Injuries

Wites & Kapetan, P.A., represents individuals and corporations in disputes in which our clients have suffered a financial injury. This includes disputes between corporations, as well as disputes between consumers and corporations. We approach both circumstances by first attempting to negotiate a pre-litigation resolution of the dispute and, where necessary, engage in litigation, including trials and appeals, to obtain the remedy our clients deserve.

Our lawyers have obtained recoveries for, and successfully defended, our consumer and business clients in shareholder disputes, breach of contracts, unpaid commissions, breach of employment contracts, credit card disputes, fraud cases, and consumer debts.

Consumer Debt and Bankruptcy

Wites & Kapetan is currently defending in court hundreds of individuals and families across the nation that have been sued by credit card companies (such as Chase, Citibank, and American Express) and collection agencies. We have a team of four lawyers in our Florida office dedicated to defending in court our clients faced with such lawsuits. These lawyers focus solely on these clients and cases. This team works with Wites & Kapetan’s Of Counsel lawyers, who reside and practice in all of the states where our clients’ reside.

Of course, we attempt to resolve our clients’ credit card, and other unsecured, debts, prior to litigation. In so doing, our attorneys counsel our clients about their rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (a federal law) and similar state laws, to protect them for harassment by debt collectors, and provide other asset protection counseling. Wites & Kapetan attempts to obtain pre-litigation settlements of such debts in amounts that our clients can afford.

For clients subject to judgments and facing collection from creditors, we defend such clients in wage and bank account garnishment and other collection proceedings.

For many people, bankruptcy is a last resort. For example, some people wish to avoid the stigma associated with bankruptcy. Other people feel better simply feel better settling their debts by paying a more meaningful portion of the amount owed than a creditor would receive in bankruptcy; in bankruptcy, credit card companies and other unsecured creditors often receive a few pennies on the dollar, and sometimes nothing at all. For others, bankruptcy is not an option as it would negatively impact their job or business in an unacceptable manner.

However, Wites & Kapetan also offers bankruptcy counseling and filing in Florida and other states where a lawyer associated with our firm practices bankruptcy law. If our clients reside in a state where the firm does not have a bankruptcy lawyer, we will refer the client to a bankruptcy attorney.